Tuesday, February 05, 2013

in medias res: alas!

// initially written: 11:44EEST, 5 feb 2013
ay me: what little faith have i, in mine own self.

i looked at a proof i wrote, a fortnight afore,
thought it bent and false;

as i strove to better it,
my eyes spied it more closely, and 'lo:
'tis verily straight and true!

alack! enough of words, these lifeless things,
numbers and figures are my works and days of hands, and
much time to toil remains.

anon ..!

// added later: 9:35EEST, 7 feb 2013


you know, i have no idea why i wrote that earlier. the edits to this manuscript must be taking their toll, and i'm losing my good sense ..


on a related note, i just received word that one of the arguments in one of my preprints can probably be substantially simplified.

this is good, in that it might save me a few pages,
but bad, in that the result might now appear completely trivial!

// added later: 17:13EEST, 7 feb 2013

fvck! never mind:
i was right .. in that i was actually wrong.

there is still a gap in the "proof" ..! 7-:

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