Saturday, January 05, 2013

really? no b.s.?

huh: 2 weeks, no bullshιt, and i'll learn all the maths that i'll ever need?

then again, if the guy is willing to say that ..
I know a lot of peo­ple who say that they ab­solutely hate math be­cause they think, for some rea­son, that they are not good at it. You should con­sider giv­ing math an­other try. Math is not just about al­ge­bra: al­ge­bra is just the bor­ing stuff you do in the end of the prob­lem. The cool stuff is the abstract thinking and mathematical modelling of the real world. That stuff is like su­per­pow­ers, es­pe­cially com­bined with com­puter knowl­edge.
.. then he can't be all bad, right? (-:

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