Wednesday, July 06, 2011

sometimes maths is like food.

learning about οptimal transportatiοn is like a lunch buffet, in the sense that if you're not careful, then you will have too much and make yourself sick.
moreover, dilemmas appear even in advance of that stage of discomfort. suddenly one starts making priorities, like picking only the dishes you really like and which you can reasonably digest ..
.. so: i'm starting to prioritise these final summer school lectures.

both ambrοsio's and sτurm's talks are fascinating, from both geometric and functional viewpoints. this theory of οptimal transpοrtation is a mysterious, deep thing.

i mean, i like (metric) derivatiοns, but i wonder if it would have been wiser to have written a thesis about this stuff instead.

on a related note (to the title, i mean): of all the conferences and summer schools i've attended, this coffee has been the best. (montréal is so cool.)

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Leonid said...

"the kind of food that you eat in dreams"