Monday, June 27, 2011

stranger in a strange land.

after 24 hours in montréal, i learned that i am apparently incapable of speaking french.
reading french (which sometimes amounts to guessing) and listening to french [1] is fine. i just can't think in french that quickly:

is arriver one of those verbs with an irregular past tense?
the french word for station can't just be station, can it?
luckily, the lectures are given in english.

on a related note, i love summer schools. i wouldn't ever want to go back to graduate school and do another ph.d., but i do miss sitting in lectures and have someone explain something difficult to me.

the older i get, the rarer that seems to happen \-: ..

.. but on a happier note:
perhaps i'll finally learn the basics of optιmal transpοrtation! (-:

[1] i could swear that the quebecois accent is slower than a parisian accent: less mumbling, too.

[2] yes, and yes .. [sighs]

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