Saturday, July 29, 2006

libraries, public and personal.

thesis work improves .. there is still much to do, but i finally made it to the library, found a book on group actions,

(the Geometry of Discrete Groups by Alan Beardon is working very nicely)

and discovered a few facts, which fit in either of two categories.
  1. "the truth is out there" (a la x-files): those that i weren't certain were true but wanted to be true,

  2. pleasant surprises: those that i didn't know existed, but do make my life simpler.
i suppose it pays to visit the mathematics library, every so often. there's more of a story, but i'll save it for another day.

despite how small it is, i'm considering cataloguing my collection of mathematical texts and using the Library of Congress arrangement system.

it's for no other reasons than sheer whim and a nagging concern that i'm missing a few books here and there. sure, i could resolve the second reason simply by refusing to lend books to anyone ..

.. but that's just mean.

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