Monday, December 06, 2004

Good News, Bad News ..

Some good news: My part of the draft is done, and sent back again to my collaborator friend for inspection. The ball's in his court for the second time around, so I'm not expecting any big changes on his part.

It finally feels like honest work. If anything, it's a reminder for me: if or when I ever become a mathematician and a proper researcher ..


.. or at least, give clues to the reader, as how to reconstruct the argument. It saves so much time and energy. That begs the question: must I have to feel worn out from proving little details to assure honest work from my research? Is there anything wrong with a quick and easy answer?

I begin to wonder if I have an exceedingly acute sense of guilt, or just a penchant for academic sado-masochism.

.. and now, some bad news: it's already 2 in the morning, and I have to teach in 6 hours and 30 minutes. ARGH ......

With that in mind, it feels like this entire term (up to a set of measure zero) has been bad news. More and more I believe it to be poor planning on my part, whether it is allocating time for teaching/preparing lessons or classes or homework or research or leaving for a conference.

But that 8:30 teaching assignment .. that is particularly frustrating. Remind me to plan my days for academic comfort, next year.

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